Third Grassroots People Concert

Translator: Aijo Wu

Third Grassroots People Concert
Time:1pm on Saturday, on August 10th, 2013
Location: Taipei City Hakka Culture Theme Park, Hakka Music and Theater Center 2F.
Address: No.2, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei
Ticket: $250 NTD (Buy 10 get 1 free)/ Ticket at door: $300 NTD.
Purchase at:
Contact with: Yunaw 0938-056-536 Lamen 0929-341-189

We hope to address the major social issues by first linking up several tribal organizations, which have solid knowledge and foundation regarding the comprehensive social issues and social movements.

After establishing connection with each tribal organization, we hope to interchange our experiences and paths annually in order to explore different perspectives and enhance cooperation by providing seminars and training. Moreover, we would like to work closely with diverse groups to realize the different issues instead of merely focusing on indigenous issues, for example, learning the crisis of new immigrants and the dramatic transformation of agriculture and traditional industry among the Han-Chinese.
Our goal is to establish influential national alliance to arise the public attention of social and political movements. For example, “Codillera Day”, the annual event in Philippines, just had its 26th anniversary. This annual event demonstrates not only significant improvement of aboriginal people from the region, but also steady social-economic movements due to solidarity of each group, organization and institution. On Codillera Day, there are always approximately 6000 participants who express demands for social justice such as preservation of indigenous territory or anti over-exploitation of mining or water resource. There are also diverse backgrounds among these various participants.  This annual event is facilitated and held by Cordillera Peoples Alliance who has been developing and training tribal people, and has had these trainees to participate in social movements and cooperate with various alliances annually.
In the hope of developing our own significant event in Taiwan, we have been trying to participate zealously in solving conflicts and issues among indigenous Taiwanese tribes since there have been more and more conflicts between preserving indigenous territory and development of modern society. At this point, in order to foster indigenous Taiwanese rights and redress the asymmetrical relationship between Han-Chinese and indigenous Taiwanese, we need the solidarity of all the groups and organization disregard races and hierarchy.
The first Grassroots People Forum was held in 2011 by 宜蘭縣崗給原住民永續發展協會, and our first and second themes were about the life and medical care of indigenous people and sustainable development of water resources. In the past, we have worked with different indigenous organizations from different regions and tribes, yet, the need for interchange of knowledge, skill, and conversation is substantial since we lack opportunities to rally all these tribal groups, leaders and educators. Thus, it is important to have the Grassroots People Forum annually so that we can advocate our germane demand and send our message to potential volunteers. In this way, we can prepare ourselves in order to establish an annual event for indigenous Taiwanese, even more, we can cooperate with diverse groups and interact with different races and social interests.
This year, our theme is anti-aggression-development, including autonomy of lands, water, and forest. The theme mainly relates to developments among indigenous tribes, such as construction of dams, disposals of nuclear waste. We hope to express our demands and advocate the local voices to the majority through the Third Grassroots People Concert.


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