A big theater will be built in indigenous territory in Hualien

Translators: Valagas Gadeljeman and Saiviq Kisasa

Original news:  http://www.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/new/20130412/174800/

The Hualien County Government is planning to build the big theater in Shitiping(石梯坪), Fengbin Township (豐濱鄉) . Shitiping is a huge area of coastal terraces and  indigenous traditional territory (Amis). The Fengbin Township Office has held a meeting for site selection of the theater on the morning of 12 April. About 20 people, including Township councilman and tribal chiefs, attended the meeting and only 16 people agreed with the plan.
As the result, the theater will be built in Shitiping. However, It was not consented by all local people. The procedure of meeting and the representative of people remain questionable. Chen Ying-Yan(陳英彥), an Amis people from Makota’ay(港口部落), who oppose the plan declared that the result doesn’t represent all local people.



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